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Our kennel was registered in 2008. It began in 2005 with our first dog — Orhidea s Goluboy Laguny — our beloved yellow girl Dasha. Dasha is our pet, she wasn't successfull at shows and we are not going to mate her. But we love her dearly for her wonderful temper and kind heart. Besides, she proved to have really good working qualities. She is the starting point of our life with labradors.



A year later, in 2006, we bought a black bitch Prima Magic Illusion. Muha has a wonderful cheerful character and really good confirmation. She is quite successful at shows and in field trials. On December, 19, 2008 she brought us her first litter — 8 beautiful black and chocolate puppies, that carry the name of our kennel "ORHIDAMUS".

In September 2010 a new breed appeared in our kennel. It is golden-retriever Lexus Jardin Supremo Gold to Orhidamus.

In March, 2011 our Vasya (O. La Vista Brava) delivered her first litter - they are the second generation of our labradors.



21.12.2013.Wonderful ending of a show-year. Ermoshka is BISpuppy-2 again and 2xBest puppy of the Breed!
19.12.2013.Our first kids of Muha and Portos are 5 years today! Our congratulations to the dogs and their owners!
08.12.2013.Our Senya is BISpuppy-3 today!
16.11.2013. The results of our kids at the special golden retriever show Retriever-Autumn, 2013. Exp. Dreyer T. Senya: CW, best male puppy, Ermolai: v.p.-4, Yeti: v.p., Elka: v.p.
03.11.2013. News from the shows: Betty is CW, Res (exp. Shiyan V.) and Ermolai is BISpuppy-2 (exp. Belyakov) and Best puppy (exp. Borodaenko).
12.10.2013. At golden retriever special show our Ermolai has become BISS-baby (exp. Druahinina).
28.09.2013. Yeti (O. Endeavor) had wonderful first show: CW, best male baby and Elka was v.p.-2 (exp. Kuleshova).
22.09.2013. Wonderful weekend! On Saturday Senya was the best male baby of breed (exp. Filatova). On Sunday was the first show for Ermoshka (O. Ermolai). He became best baby of breed and BISbaby-4 (exp. Abrakimov). Our congratulations to the owners!
15.09.2013. Congratulations to Betty with CW, , CH RFSS titles (exp. Zhitkova).
07.09.2013. Congratulations to Senya with best baby of breed and BISbaby-4 and to Betty with ex.-1, CW (exp. Prozorov).
01.09.2013. The father of our golden retriever puppies Dewmist Kinzenze () won the title of European Champion in Geneva! We are proud and happy for him!
24.08.2013. Congratulations to Elka (O. Evangelista) with her first victory BISbaby-4 (exp. Bobikova).
11.08.2013. Senya'a (O. Elisey) wonderful first show! Best baby of breed and BISbaby-3 (fotos)!
16.06.2013. We congratulate Gretha with 3 years!
13.06.2013. Photos of the puppies at 45 days.
12.06.2013. Photos in stands at 45 days >>
4.6.2013. We congratulate Muha with 7 years!
2.06.2013. We congratulate Betty with Club champion title.
29.04.2013. First photos of our puppies >>
13.04.2013. Our congratulations to Dasha, Betty and Muha! Today at regional show Dasha has become BIS veteran. And at labrador-retriever special show under Teslenko O. Betty is the 2nd in the open class and CC, Muha won Club Champions class!
7.04.2013. Our congratulations to Betty and Muha Muhina. Labrador retriever special show "Delta Pal", Moscow, exp. Dreyer T.A.: Betty - CW of open class, cand to Club CH, Muha Muhina - CW of winners class, BOS, Club Winner and is over with National Club Champion Title!
24.03.2013. Our congratulations to Vasya's and Martin's puppies! They are two years today. >>
14.01.2013. New photos are added >>
06.01.2013. Our first labrador, our dear ginger Dasha is 8 years today! Our congratulations to her. We wish you health any many-many years with us!
19.12.2012. Today our first Orhidamus-kids of Portos (Kudos Winnder do Sol D'Arena) and Muha (Prima Magic Illusion) are 4 years. >>
On December, 19, 2008 Betty (O. Lege Artis), Dan (O. Ludvig El Cantar), Luck (O. Luka Luxus), Maibah (O. Lourens Attikus), Rich (O. Loksli Mariner) and Vasilisa (O.La Vista Brava) were born. We congratulate the kids and the owners, wish our kids good health, much joy and lots of tasty things, and of course, much love and care. I thank all our owners.
I wish Portos-jun. (O. Lancelot Knight) and wonderful Luchi (O. Luchia Atra) had lived to that day... We remember you, our dear..
9.12.2012. A national show Kinologia, Moscow, exp. M. Ostrovskaya:
Muha Muhina, intermedia class: CW, ex.-1.
Betty, open class: CW, ex.-1, ResBOS, Res.CAC->CAC.
Labrador-retriever special show Kinologia, Moscow, exp. T. Deresh-Tyagunova:
Muha Muhina, intermedia class: CW, ex.-1, cand. to Club Champions.
Betty, open class: CW, ex.-1, cand. to Club Champions.
Dolcha, winners class: ex.-3, CC.
champions class: CW, ex.-1, cand. to Club Champions.
10.11.2012. Congratulations to Dolca! Labrador special show in Moscow Zolotaya Osen, exp. V. Bobikova: CW of the open class, Cand. to Club champions.
3-4.11.2012. Congratulations to Gretha. A successfull trip to Donetsk, the Ukraine, to the international show.
3.11.2012. Exp. O. Dolesjova (zech Republic), champions class: ex-1, CW, CAC, Champion of the Ukraine Exp. N. Davidovska (Bulgaria), open class: ex.-2, RCAC.
20.10.2012. Congratulations to Muha Muhina! At regional show Lianozovo in Moscow she is CW of the intermedia class, BOS, CAC and BOB, exp. E.Levshova!
30.09.2012. Congratulations to Dolca! She is CW of the open class and Cand. to Club Champions at labrador special show at Fryazevo, exp. F. Chaikovskaya
22.09.2012. It was a super day for our kennel! National show "Khimki", judge Ostrovskaya M. Betty - 2nd in open class, Muha Muhina - 2nd in intermedia class.
Labrador retriever special show "Beaumond-autumn 2012", judge Borodaenko N., Latvia. Our results:
Muha Muhina: CW of intermedia class, cand to Club champions.
Dolcha: ResCW of the open class, CC.
Betty: ex. in the open class.
Vasya: CW of the winners class, Cand. to Club champions.
Muha: CW of the Club champions class.
"Orhidamus" kennel - the best kennel of the special show!
You may see the photos from the show >>
Golden retriever special show "Beaumond-autumn 2012", judge Borodaenko N., Latvia.
Gretha: CW of the Club Champions class.
You may see the photos from the show (by E. Mashinistova) >>
15.09.2012. Congratulations to Betty - her first victory! Moscow, "Vosrozhdenie Bis" show, judge Sipyagin: CW of the open class, BOS, CAC!
09.09.2012. Betty got Res.CAC at "Professiona" show, judge Dusan Paunovic: CW of the open class, Res.CAC.
18.08.2012. Betty got her first adult title at the show "Pride", judge Gavrilova Y., open class.
11.08.2012. Gretha was successful at two shows in Ryazan. At golden retriever special show (judge O. Pankratieva): CW of Club Champion class, Res.BOS. At national show (judge A. Filatova): CW of Champion class, Res.BOS. Finished with CH RKF title. Fotos from the show by S. Berkutova >>
16.06.2012. Our congratulations to Gretha with her 2nd birthday. We wish our dear golden girl much health, luck, new victories and new friends. Our love will always be with you!
04.06.2012. Our congratulations to Muha with her 6th birthday! Our dear and prescious girl, we wish you health, luck, many wonderful grandchildren. And we will give you all our love we can!
27.05.2012. Our congratulations to Muha, Taison and Greta with successful show results at labrador-retriever special show "Khimki" (judge T. Dreyer) and regional show (judge T. Dreyer)
Taison at special show: ex.-2 in juniour class, JCC. Muha at special show: ex.-1 in Club Champion class, Res.BOS. Greta at regional show: ex.-1 in open class, BOS.
15.04.2012. Our congratulations to Taison with the successful debute in juniour class: Millenium show in Moscow, exp. Filatova A. - ex.2, Res.JCAC; labrador-retriever special show, exp. Belkina E. - ex.4, JCC!
07.03.2012. New photoes of Muha Muhina >>
and Vasilisa >>
07.03.2012. Our congratulations to Muha Muhina with an excellent debute in juniour class: exp. Krymskaya, ex.1, JCAC, Best Juniour, Best of Breed!
25.03.2012. We have new photos of Dolce >>
24.03.2012. Vasya & Martin puppies are 1 year today! Our congratulations to all the kids and their owners. Be healthy and happy, dear children!
05.03.2012. We have new photos of Betty and Muha >>
New photos of Muha and Greta >>
03.03.2012. Betty got Jun. RCAC at the show Leader. Judge Kashirin N.
05.02.2012. Betty got Jun.RCAC at the show Fortuna. Judge Krymskaya.
14.01.2012. Betty has debuted in juniour class. Two shows in Moscow. Judge Krarovskaya: ex.-3, judge Egorova: ex.-2.
06.01.2012. Our Dasha is 7 years old today. Our congratulations to our prescous red girl!
25.12.2011. Our congratulations to Greta! At Christmas show "Millenium" in Moscow (judge Ostrovskaya M.) she is the winner of the open class, BOS, BOB and BIG-4!
19.12.2011. We congratulate our first ORHIDAMUS puppies with their 3-d anniversary! We wish them much health, happiness, love and care! And - we love you for ever!
27.11.2011. Today Greta has got her 3d CAC and finished with Russian Champion title. Also she has got Club Winner at special show and finished with National Club Champion title.
13.11.2011. Greta has got her first adult CAC, BOS, BOB and BIG-2. National show "Harmonia", exp. Burykin, open class - ex.1.
18.09.2011. We have got many news since our latest update. First of all, visit our puppies page and watch new photos of our little kids: O. Dainty Rubellite, O. Dazzling Sapphire, O. Damsel Amethist, O. Diamond de Facto.
Then - our Greta (Lexux Jardin Supremo Gold to Orhidamus) today has got the title of Jun. Club Champion (exp. T.A. Dreyer, ex.-1, Jun.Club Winner).
And our young girls have debuted at labrador special show. Exp. T.A. Dreyer, baby class. O. Dazzling Sahhpire - v. promising-2, O. Dainty Rubellite - v. promising-3. Our congratulations!
01.05.2011. Today Greta has got the title of Juniour Champion of Russia! Two shows in Moscow. Exp. Burykin: JCAC, Best Juniour, Best of Breed, BIG-2. Exp. Sokolova: JCAC, Best Juniour!
24.04.2011. Greta has got 2JunCAC at National shows "Planeta Sokak", exp. Baoujes, junior class - JunCAC and "Bereg Yzuzy", exp. Kashirin, junior class - JunCAC.
17.04.2011. Today at the National show "Losinoostrovsky, exp. Patrina M., our Luchi has become BOS and CH RFSS. Our congratulations.
02.04.2011. Labrador-retriever and Golden-retriever special shows BOMOND in Moscow. Exp. Per Iversen (Norway). Muha - ex.4 in Club Champions class and Greta ex.4 and JCC in juniour class!
26.03.2011. International show "Eurasia-1", Moscow. Greta - exc. in juniour class (exp. DAVID M. POWERS (USA), Muha - exc. in champion class (exp. SVEN SLETTEDAL (NORWAY).
12-13.02.2011. Congratulations to Vasia - at the national show IMPERIA - RCAC, at the National show OSTROV SOKROVISHCH - CAC, Champion of Russia, at the special show (winners' class)- ex.1, CC
Luchi -
at the special show OSTROV SOKROVISHCH (champions' class)- ex.1, CC.
Rich - at the regional show in Perm - ex.1 in working class.
Greta - at the special show IMPERIA - very promising-2.
29.01.2011. Congratulations to Rich! Today he has got his first CAC at the national show in Perm.
23.01.2010. Luchi got one more CAC at national show "Odintsovo".
26.12.2010. Congratulations to Luchi! Today she has got one more CAC and one more CC at national show "Olimp" and labrador special show.
19.12.2010. Our first litter, our first "Orhidamus" kids are two years today! We wish all our children and their owners much health, new victories, much love and happiness together! We love you greatly, our first Orhidamushki! We were like this (photo) and now we are like this (photo).
12.12.2010. Our congratulations to Luchi! Today she won the working class at Labrador special show and became Club Champion and Grandchampion of Russia!
21.11.2010. Our congratulations to Vasya - the winner of the open class at the regional show "Bomond".
Our congratulations to Greta - the Best Baby of the Breed at the regional show "Bomond" and the Best Baby of the Golden Retriever special show "Kumir"!
7.11.2010. Today Luchi has got her last CAC to get the title of Champion of Russia! Our congratulations!
06.11.2010. Today Luchi has got her second CAC.
31.10.2010. Our congratulations to Vasya! Today she has got 2xCAC, and at one of the shows she became Best Bitch, Best of Breed, BIG-1 !
Congratulations to Luchi - at labrador special show she got her third CC. Now she is Cand.to Club Champions.
30.10.2010. We have had a very interesting day today!
It was the first Greta's show. In the baby class at Golden-retriever special show "Derzhava" she became the 2nd and got the mark "very promising".
At the Labrador-retriever special show "Derzhava" (exp. T. Floyd, Great Britain) Vasya won the open class and got the title of Cand. to Club Champion!
At a regional show "Imperia" Luchi won the working class, got CAC and Best Bitch of Breed.
At the labrador-retriever special show she became the 3d in the working class and got CC.
22.09.2010. We have a newcomer in our Kennel - a Golden-retriever girl >>
14.08.2010. Our Luchi has got working sertificate.
25.07.2010. Our congratulations to Luchi with a good debute in the intermedia class! International show in Kursk (CACIB). Intermedia class, CACIB show, exp. MILOSHEVSKI SLOBODAN (Makedonia): ex.-3; Labraror-retriever special show (Club Winner), exp. BORODAJENRO NATALIJA (Latvia): ex.-2, CC!
05.06.2010. Regional show "Garmonia", Moscow, exp. Sokoliva L., juniour class. Vasilisa has got her last JCAC and became Jun.Champion of Russia!!!
30.05.2010. Labrador-retriever Special Show in Labrador Special Championship, Moscow. Vasya got excellent under the jundgement of M. Givan (GB), juniour class.
Luchi got JCAC and the title of Junior Champion of Russia at the reginonal show "Sapsan", junior class, exp. Verbitsky (Belarus)
01.05.2010. National show "Andromeda", Moscow, exp. Sokolova, juniour class: Vasya has become the 2-nd and got Res.JCAC.
25.04.2010. Our dearest congratulations to Luchi! Sha has got her first title! Labrador-retriever special show "Amigo", Podolsk, exp. Egorova, jun.class - ex.3, JCC, Juniour Champion of National Labrador Club!
24.04.2010. Reginal show "Vozrojdenie Bis" , Moscow, exp. Zavgorodnyi, juniour class: Vasya has got her 3d JCAC and became Best Juniour of the Breed.
18.04.2010. Our congratulations to Vasya! At the National Show "Losinoostrovski", exp. Krymskaya, juniour class Vasya has got JCAC, Best Juniour of the Breed, Best of Breed, BIG-3!
03.04.2010. Labrador-retriever Special Show "Beau Monde" exp. Sue & Brian Marskell (Great Britain) and regional show exp. K.Shankov (Bulgaria). Our results:
Muha at special show: ex.-3 in Club Champions' class
Vasia and Luchi were both excellent in Juniour class,
at the regional show Vasya the 2nd and RCAC, Luchi the 3d in Junior Class
27-28.03.2010, international show in Moscow "Eurasia 1-2".
Our congratulations to Muha has become the 2nd in the working class (17 dogs). Exp. HANS VAN DEN BERG (HOLLAND). Vasya got "very good" mark. On the second day Muha got "very good" too in champion class.
20.02.2010. Luchi has become the 3-d at National Shows Festival at Sergiev Posad. Exp. T. Dreier, junior class: ex.3, JCC.
13.02.2010. Vasya's result at Labrador-retriever special show "Imperia", Moscow, exp. Ostrovskaya, junior class: ex.4, JCC.
30.01.2010. Our congratulations to the kids! Moscow, labrador-retriever special show "Sabaneevka", exp. Alfonso Thovar del Solar (Spain): our Vasya was the 3-d in junior class and got JCC.
Perm, national Show "Ogni Prikamiya-2010", exp. Gavrilova: Rich debuted in the shows and was the 3-d in juniour class
24.01.2010. Our congratulations to Muha!
National show "Odintsovo" , Moscow, exp. L. Krarkovskaya, champ. class: ex.1, CAC, CW, Ch. OANKOO. Got the title of RKF Champion!
27.12.2009. Our congratulations to Muha! National show "Millenium", Moscow, exp. Verbitsky (Belarus), champion class: ex.1, CAC, Best Bitch, Ch. of RFSS,
13.12.2009. Our congratulations to Vasya! National show "Kinologia-2009", Moscow, exp. Pablaka (Lithuania), junior class: ex.1, CW, JCAC, Best Junior!
Labrador-retriever special show "Kinologia-2009", Moscow, exp. Kruus (Estonia), junior class: ex.4, JCC.
28.11.2009. Our congratulations to Luchi! Labrador-retriever special show "Sozvezdie", Moscow, exp. L. Stoikivitch (France), junior class: ex.1, CW, JClub Winner, Best Junior
National show "Sozvezdie",Moscow, exp. R. Sekich, junior class: ex.1, JCAC, Best Junior of the Breed.
15.11.2009. Labrador-retriever special show "Stolitsa", Moscow, exp. B.Petkevica (Latvia). Orhidamus Luchia Atra: junior class: ex.3, JCC.
07.11.2009. National show "Derzhava", Moscow. Exp. Erusalimsky E.
Orhidamus Luchia Atra, junior class: ex.
Prima Magic Illusion, champion class: ex.2, RCAC
18.10.2009. Orhidamus Luchia Atra has won her first JCAC at the show "Center+"!
04.10.2009 — at a labrador-retriever special show in Moscow Muha became the Best Bitch of the breed (exp. I. Shvets), and at a regional show she was the winner of the working class (epx. E. Alekseeva).
19.09.2009 — labrador-retriever special show in Kirov, our Rich became the Best puppy of the Breed again (exp. O. Pankratieva)!
12.09.2009 — national show Fauna in Moscow - Dan became the Best puppy of the breed (exp. Maslennikova)!
23.08.2009 — regional show in Moscow - Luchi became best puppy-bitch, Vasya - was the second after her in the bitch-puppy class! Portos was also the second in puppy class (exp. E. Senashenko).
19.07.2009 — At the labrador-retriever Special Show in Perm Rich became the Best Puppy of the Breed!
23.06.2009 — national show in Moscow - Portos became the best male-puppy.
31.05.2009 — National Labrador-Retriever Special Show, Moscow, exp. S. Wiles (Great Britain).
Muha — ex.2 in the Champion class
and a wonderful debute of our children!
Vasya (O. La Vista Brava) — Best Baby of the Colour
Portos (O. Lancelot Knight) — very perspective, 2 in Baby class
you may watch the photos from the Show and special mini-session
31.05.2009 — All Russia Show "Sapsan" — Luchi (O. Luchia Atra) is the Best Baby of the Breed!
10.05.2009 — Minsk, Belarus. Labrador-retriever championship, exp. C. Mills (Great Britain, Lembas kennel), working class — Muha (Prima Magic Illusion) — ex.1, Champion of Belarus
10.05.2009 — Minsk, Belarus. Regional Shows, exp. E. Bauzhes (Russia), E. Kruus (Estonia) — at both shows Muha won the working class and became the Best Bitch of the Colour. Grandchampion of Belarus.



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